1.Electricity System : Voltage: 220 v/50 Hz

It is recommended that the participants from countries using the 110 System to bring converter with them if they want to charge a cellphone battery or other electrical appliances. This is an example of a typical outlet in Thailand. Some outlets are only two plonge so you may need an adapter without the ground prong.


2. Smoking Policy

It might be very difficult for a smoker to find a place to smoke in Thailand as a tough anti-smoking law has come into effect in Thailand recently, making it illegal to light up in virtually every indoor public place including air-conditioned restaurants and barber shops. Business establishments that fail to control smoking by patrons will face fines of up to 20,000 baht and the smokers will be hit for 2,000 baht under regulations. However, pubs and other night entertainment places are exempt because they are not frequented by children. Thailand has had a strong anti-smoking lobby and is one of the few Asian.

3. Money Exchange

The OC has provided a bank to facilitate the exchange of money at the hotel. US dollar and Euro is acceptable. It is recommended to pay fees in Euro but it is acceptable if the team wants to pay in US dollar. The rate of exchange will be based upon the daily exchange rate. One US dollar is equivalent to about 35 Thai baht and one Euro is about 37 Thai baht.

Exchange Rate for Thai



1 US dollar           = 35 Baht


or 1 Euro                   = about 37 Baht

Currencies can be exchanged at the hotel and the exchanged rate varies on daily basis.

Banking: All foreign credit cards can be used in Chiang Mai include Master Card, Visa Card, and American Express Card.

4. Emergency Telephone


Number Inquiry 1133
Tourist Police 1155
Police (General Emergency Call) 191
Ambulance and Rescue 1554
Fire 199
Medical Emergency Call 1669