Chiang Mai Zoo


The Chiang Mai Zoo is a popular tourist attraction because of two pandas donated by China. There is also an interesting Night Safari Park (a zoo by another name) which displays the animals in a more natural setting.




A tour of the walled inner city must be done on foot or, perhaps, by renting a bicycle. There are Buddhist temples in great abundance (Some would say that the 7-11 convenience stores come a close second). The most impressive temple is Wat Chedi Luang with the biggest pagoda in Chiang Mai. It was founded by King Saen Muang   Ma, of the Mung Rai dynasty in 1370 to 1411. Within the temple’s area is a large Buddhist University where the monks receive academic degrees.


Night Safari

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Located as part of Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, Chiang Mai Night Safari is spread over 819 rai or 328 acres of Tambon Mae Hia and Tambon Suthep. Traverse the exciting Thailand’s first night safari in the 50-seat open air tram to meet elephants, giraffes, zebras, lions, Asiatic black bears, tigers, hyenas, crocodiles, and many more. Many activities are lined up, especially if you are ready to have a direct contact with the animals, including bathing elephants, feeding hippopotamus and rhino horn.  Enjoy the Night Safari in 3 different zones, North Zone is a 25-minute trip with the carnivorous animal (Tram with English guide depart at 20.30 and 10.10), South Zone is a 30-minute trip with the animal from African savanna (Tram with English guide depart at 19.25 and 21.30), and Walking Zone which is a walking trail wrapping around Swan Lake for 1.2 kilometers.

It is very easy to get there by going along Huai Kaew Road and turn left into Highway no. 121 towards Amphoe Hang Dong for about 10 kilometres then turn right and continue for other 2 kilometres.


Maesa Elephant Camp



The valley of Mae Sa Elephant Camp is where you could spend the whole day with one of their 70 cute, giant mammals, amid the natural environment. With more than 30 years of caretaking experience, Mae Sa offers choices of activities you can choose to experience, from watching shows of talented elephants, a parade of elephants as well as learning how the mahouts (elephant caretakers) take care of their giant friends.


Tiger Kingdom

Visiting Tiger Kingdom from Chiang Mai. Located in the Mae Sa Valley a couple of Km off the main Mae Rim road, driving time should be under 30 minutes from Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai’s Tiger Kingdom is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to interact with adolescent tigers and baby cubs.  Visitors can do everything from bottle-feeding the baby tigers to bravely posing with and petting the big guys.  A couple hours here will stick with you forever, and knowing that the tigers at Chiang Mai’s Tiger Kingdom are treated with great care.   The tigers are not sedated like at other tiger places in Thailand and the facilities are extremely clean.  The Tiger Kingdom assigns professional staff with each group of visitors to ensure everything goes smoothly and comfortably.



Art in Paradise

s12The first Illusion Art Museum of Chiang Mai, presents Illusion Art, the painting art requiring techniques and expertise in painting on a flat surface into a “3D” and giving a sense of realistic art. In addition, the museum also offers artworks in the form that allow visitors to take part in the artworks closely (Interactive Art), where the visitors can take photos with creative imagination, emotion and postures designed to correspond with each painting according to their own preferences as if they are a part of the painting. Therefore, Art in Paradise (Chiang Mai) is where the art is understandable for everyone, and happiness and entertainment are delivered to the visitor as well.


Night Bazaar




Chiang Mai is a shopping paradise, and nothing beats shopping for a bargain more than in in the famous Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.  The Night Bazaar, on the east side of the old walled city, is approximately 1km long on Thanon Chang Khlan (large roads in Thailand are named Thanon, and smaller side streets are named Soi) (so Thanon Chang Khlan translates to Chang Khlan Road). The Night Bazaar is open every day of the year regardless of the weather from dusk till around midnight.


Walking Street

s14Wualai Walking Street (Saturday Market): Best known for its high quality authentic northern silver and lacquer wares, unique handicraft, Thai local food, and traditional performance, Wualai Walking Street is one of the most popular shopping destination in Chiang Mai.  Come here to shop till you drop from 4 PM to 10 PM.

Tha Pae Walking Street (Sunday Market): Every Sunday from 7 PM until midnight, from Tha Pae Gate runs along the length of Ratchdamnoen Road is the famous Sunday Tha Pae Walking Street. Best known for its showcase of the northern craftsmanship product, Tha Pae Walking Street is a perfect place for souvenir shopping at a reasonable price.