The University Sports Board of Thailand (USBT) and the Federation International of Sports for Universities (FISU) are delighted to welcome athletes, officials and guests to the 7th World University Boxing Championship in Chiang Mai, Thailand, 3rd to 8th October, 2016.

The competition will be held in accordance with the rules of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) based on FISU regulations, and with close supervision from the Thailand Boxing Association.

Chiang Mai City, the host of WUC 2016, a well-known tourist destination; is a paradise for tourists from around the world. Additionally, it has experience in hosting international sports competitions such as 15th ASEAN University Games at Chiang Mai University. We are confident that you will experience both pleasure and satisfaction while staying in beautiful Chiang Mai.


WUC 2016 PPROGRAM AND FORMAT (1 – 9 October 2016)


1 0ct Check In


2 0ct 19.00              Team managers meeting
OPENING DAY 1 3 Oct 08.00-10.00     Weigh &Medical


10.30                 Official Draw

15.00-18.00     Competition

18.30-20.00     Opening Ceremonies

COMPETITION DAY 1 TO 5 3-7 Oct 08.00-09.00     Weigh &Medial


15.00-18.00     Competition

COMPETITION DAY 6 &CLOSING CEREMONY 8 0ct 08.00-09.00     Weigh &Physical


15.00-18.00       Competition

(Final round)

19.00-20.00       Closing Ceremony

20.30                 Thank you Dinner

DEPARTURES 9 Oct Check out



The boxing competitions will be organized in accordance with the most recent technical rules of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) unless otherwise stated. In case of disagreement in the interpretation of these rules, the English text will be regarded as authoritative. The program and duration of the competitions are fixed by the Executive Committee in agreement with the Organizing Committee and the CTI. The competitions will last six (6) days and will include individual event in the following weight categories:


Men’s competitions:      46kg – 49kg, 52kg, 56kg, 60kg, 64kg, 69kg, 75kg,

81kg, 91kg, +91kg

Women’s competitions: 48kg to 51kg, 57kg to 60kg, 69kg to 75kg


Each country is authorized to enter one (1) competitor for each weight category. Each boxer must have a valid AIBA record book with a current medical record. Each country is authorized to enter a maximum of twenty-two (22) participants: a maximum of thirteen (13) athletes and nine (9) officials.


The countries must declare their starters to the CT 24 hours before the official weighting. Only competitors who meet the following conditions may take part in the event:

  1.  a) Be a national of the country they represent.
  2. b) Be at least 17 and less than 28 years of age.
  3. c) Students who are currently officially registered as proceeding towards a degree or

diploma at a university or similar institute whose status is recognized by the appropriate

national academic authority of their country.

  1. d) Former students of the institutions who have obtained their academic degree or

diploma in the year preceding the event.